Expert Website Design/Development Team & Process

Expert Website Design/Development Team & Process

Expert Website Design/Development Team & Process

Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.

Steve Jobs, American Information Technology Entrepreneur & Inventor

Internet Builders builds each custom website using a team of experts to ensure the best quality and top results starting each project with an Internet consultant rather than a salesperson. All agreements are prepared by the company founder with 15 years Internet Consulting experience rather than hiring a commissioned salesperson to ensure the right solutions are delivered after consulting with customers to determine needs. Once the project agreement is approved a dedicated Project Manager is assigned to communicate, organize and produce the website working as the liaison between customers and the team of website experts building the new website.

An online preview of the entire process is setup to approve design, monitor progress and assure the finished result is exactly what the customer needed. After the initial data content gathering the Project Manager assigns a professional graphics designer to create the overall look/feel of the website and any animations or video.

Once the website design is approved it is moved to the Internet Architects department for construction of navigation menus, content, layout development of all pages of the website.

After construction is completed the programming and development staff integrates any online updating, backend programs, third party applications (warranty modules, online selections, homeowner management or CRM type systems) and custom software interfaces.

Following the programming work the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts prepare all areas of the website integrating EXCLUSIVE Internet Builders SEO Standards to ensure the website is listed high on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.

Near completion of the website the Quality Check (QC) staff performs several tests to ensure the website works on multiple browsers on different computer types testing download speeds, grammar, spelling and overall functionality.

Last but not least the Technical Director sets up website hosting, domain names, email accounts, DNS, IP Addresses, website traffic reporting, lead generation tools and publishes the completed website to the Internet.

All aspects of the project are completed through Internet Builders with in-house experts to ensure the best quality results. Once the website is live Internet Builders manages the domain name (website address), website hosting, online marketing, website updating, traffic reporting and Internet Security each month with proactive communications to each customer to ensure everything remains up to date.

A unique combination of technical ability and building industry knowledge enables Internet Builders to build the best websites with a high return on investment for customers.

The Internet Builders' Website Process

Team Approach Using Experts to Build Better Websites for Customers