Home Owner Management Systems

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A One-Of-A-Kind Home Owner System Built for Those Who Need It!

Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.

Henry Mintzberg, McGill University

The Internet Builders Homeowner System is an Internet based tool developed to help builders communicate better and improve customer service with homeowners. This easy to use system manages project communications allowing the homeowner to view the day to day progress of their homes, view important dates and tasks and download disclosures, documents and contact information 24/7 via their private website.

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce support and communication costs
  • Enhance communications through a single location with no missed calls or bounced emails
  • Provide a unique ‘private website’ for every buyer or homeowner

Floorplans, online progress reports, construction photos, warranty documents and contacts, subcontractors, notes from the builder or developer and more are provided to the homeowner online. This reduces the amount of calls during the construction process, improves customer satisfaction, increases repeat buyers and referral buyers, ensures communications are documented online and emails the homeowner every time the private website has been updated.

Acers Homeowner Management System