Internet Marketing, Consulting & Training Since 1995

Internet Marketing, Consulting and Training since 1995

Providing Training for Businesses, Builders and Realtors since 1995!

Good marketing make 'companies' look smart. Great marketing make 'customers' feel smart.

Joe Chernov, Marketing Advisor

  • Website Design, Development and online marketing classes Past Speakers/Trainers at Search Engine Strategies, PCBC, TecHome Expo, NAHB International Builders Show, NAHB Board of Directors, NAHB MIRM ProED Training (1st ever) Internet marketing strategy and planning
  • Practical recommendations and "Quick Wins" on Website design and messaging based on an Expert Review and analysis of your web analytics data.
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategies (Improving results from search engine optimization (SEO) and Paid search (PPC) marketing)
  • Customer Relationship Management/Marketing (CRM) systems
  • E-mail Marketing planning including improvements to contact strategies and creative
  • NAHB logo
  • E-Customer Relationship Management strategies
  • Creating an E-marketing plan: assist large and small companies to create an integrated Internet marketing plan and introduce a continuous tracking and improvement process
  • Marketer education and knowledge sharing: Training for the marketing or E-commerce team about how to improve your results from digital marketing
  • Metrics-based e-marketing improvement: expert consulting on obtaining the most pertinent information from your web analytics systems (for example, Google Analytics, HBX, Omniture, Webtrends) by data analysis and recommendations to improve results
  • One-to-one mentoring and consulting: by phone, e-mail or face-to-face to help develop your e-marketing expertise and resolve the e-marketing issues you face
  • E-marketing briefing: A short awareness raising session to highlight key issues the Internet raises for your marketers and strategists
  • Focused brainstorming sessions: with your team to identify key actions to take your online marketing "to the next level" and out market the competition

Website Analysis & Online Competitive Analysis provides answers to these common questions

  • What keywords visitors really use when searching for your website?
  • Do you need a new website or a redesign to improve traffic and usability?
  • Does your website traffic meeting your goals or just "hit and run" traffic?
  • How to improve your websites organic ranking (natural listing)on search engines
  • Integration of social networking or blog to your online marketing strategies
  • The most effective methods of improving Return on Investment (ROI) for online marketing